Love Shadows

Two naked figures out of light
Two shadows there unite
One soul, one love
A white dove
Into a graceful flight.
Beside the dock a desert street
No time for them to sit
Four perplexed hands
The night withstands
One powerful heart beat.
Warm in their love cocoon
Their boldness blurs the moon
Two falling stars
With thousand scars
Are to light up soon.


Nothing but time I expect
For my precious life
Although I mean to neglect
My purposeful strife
Drawn by cause and effect
By need and desire
What do my actions reflect
If not unbeatable pride?
My prey I’m good to select
With promising smile
Easy enough to affect
A soul too fragile.
What’s virtuous I tend to reject
Dark plans I compile
What is my own to protect
And enjoy all the while
I hear other voices project
“No man is an isle”
Something beyond I detect
Of nature mere vile.

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