Last Night

Last night I had
An awful dream
Of losing him;
My dearest, my only one,
The reason of my living,
The season of love giving
Was for ever gone;
Last night I went mad.

Last night I saw
A horror story
With no glory;
The strangest, the darkest one,
The reason for distrusting,
The season of collapsing
Was only to come
In last night’s show.

Waking up I had
A painful heart
In every part;
The coldest, the palest one,
The reason for my ending,
The season of breath lending
Was for ever gone;
Waking up dead.

In his eyes reflections

In his eyes’ reflections
I can see both joy and pain
The in between connections
Are missing from the frame

Within their darkness
I find new ways to see
To name what is happiness
To light them back for him

When brighter they become
I’m blind to their glow
Looking straight at the sun
Makes me seem too low

In his eyes’ reflections
I’ve learned to laugh and cry
As for the connections
I’ve learned to pass them by

What do you see?

Look at the sky;
The sun is rising again
From night sleep

Look at the flowers;
How keenly they embrace
The morning light

Look at the birds;
Flying for a new errand
Into the unknown

Look at the mirror;
What do you see?

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