Do You Dream?

It’s not that I am a dreamer
All I ever wanted is justice
Yes, justice for all;
The egos in hold of power,
The vulptures in the line,
The rest of us in everyday struggle.
For reality leaves no room to dreams
When you search your pockets desperately
To reach a neglected coin
You can afford no expectations, no plans,
Just the acceptance of your cruel fate
And if you are all by yourself – fine –
You can starve and think you’re on a diet
But when you face those little eyes in tears of need
You know it’s true, you cannot lie to yourself
Or them
Dreams, my friend, are for those
Who can afford them!

Just Between Us

I said “I do”
For better and for worse
He said “I do”
To power and force

I said “I care,
I’ll be forever true”
He said “Beware!
I’m coming after you”

I said “Believe me,
I will be back till two”
He said “Don’t leave me,
I know what you’re up to”

I said “I fear
To even look your face”
He said “My dear”
And beat me just in case

The Outsider

I am afraid to walk my block
For I am alone
I am forced my door to lock
When I am home
I am lost in public places
Where truth is gone
I am distressed to view those faces
Made out of stone
I am ashamed to talk freely
Of my beliefs, my values, my dreams
Not directly really
But rather via gazes, critiques
I am forbidden to name loudly
Historical events, religious concerns
Whatever might define me
Whatever might unite me
With you
In my country mine is nothing
But the fact that I am something
Of an outsider

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