Insanity’s Best Kiss

Then she turned to me and whispered:
“Have you ever listened to a silent cry?
Have you ever walked in the moonlit sky?
Have you ever smelled the scent of fear?”
“What are you talking now my dear?
How could a man’s own senses feel
What is not possible or real?”
Her eyes wandered into the aching void:
“Have you ever wondered what’s beyond our sight,
On the other side of this blinding light?”
“Why, you are making no sense
Where is the doctor or a nurse?
Why are you talking like this?”
“Life is Insanity’s best kiss”

Sick At Heart

This nausea of parting
Makes me want to vomit
My utmost love and grief
All over your sacred body.
You see, your deadly eyes
Can only heal my misery;
Look at my withered face,
Raise this veil of pain
Your absence put on me
Unwittingly yet fatefully,
Give me a hearty smile,
And let me once again
Be carried away by its warmth
On cloud nine!


Dusting off my confidence
My other self stands out
Ready to hit the road again
With a worn out suitcase
Full of unredeemed dreams
And fake promises
But when I look right through
My shiny goldfish bowl
Every inch of it reminds me
Of something vital
Endless patience, pointless effort
To keep alive what has never existed
Outside my fancy
My idealized world

White Journey

Stay still while we kill
The best of us
It needs strong will to smile and feel
The invisible lash
It needs no skill to follow the drill
Stop grieving
Say you will be made of steel
We are leaving

On Fire

Silent sparkles in the eyes
And a burning lust inside
Suffice to ignite the first stride
Inflammatory days and nights
And a body blazing fire
Witness an incendiary desire
Flaming egos, epic fights
And a conflagration crime
Burn it all in no time

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