The Universe And Me

There’s no need to speak your mind

No need to say anything tonight

The stars are shining in your eyes

Your smile is bigger than the moon.

In your wide-open loving arms

You could enclose the universe

But you have chosen me, I fear;

A tiny nothing of the whole.

Hold me then all night long

For I might vanish in the void

Between your tender caresses

And the cruel world.

While we are here, sharing

The essence of our being

There’s no need to think of,

To wonder at tomorrow.

The universe is kind enough

To spare at least a moment

Within our temporality

To cherish one another.


I Have A Dream, Too

I have a dream;

The world is changing,

The wheel of Fortune is rotating

For better days yet to come.

On this rainy autumn day

I can see the sunshine

In the eyes of human kind

In the children’s innocence

In your friendly smile.

Take my selfless hand

Stand by me all the way

With an open heart

Laugh and cry loudly:

I have a dream, too!

My Sand

Drawing on the summer sand
Undetermined golden lines
For a stick my bare hand
With no purpose now applies
What my fantasy commands
Free from ordinary frames
Love initials and hearts
Or symbolic riddle games
One harmonious portrait
You are coming off the sea
With a strange body line
Like a reverse Aphrodite
My illusions to decline
And restore reality
Free from ideal lies
You are offering your hand
But my mind’s eye cries
How you’ve stepped onto my sand

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