The Circle of Love

When you are ready to quit

Searching for the one

Your clothes don’t fit

Your hopes are done

Along comes Love.

Surprisingly right

Everything seems

Since day and night

Your pockets Love fills

With magic beans.

But then you break up

Like the end of a game

Your love-time is up

You think it’s a shame

Your life is crap and you start

All over again.


The world is changing constantly

For better or for worse,

Don’t ask me

I am no good judge.

All I feel is a sliding ground

I can hardly stand still

To take a breath.

I am suffocating in this tube

As rapidly as I am moving

Along or against my fatal future.

Now that we have met

This tiny moment of collision

I am dying to ask you

“Where do you stand?”

Perhaps we could stand it all together

Or just move on.

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