A Lucky Day

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He got awaken by his wife’s yelling… again! Oh, boy! When that was going to stop? What now? What had gotten her screaming like this? He stood up unwillingly and dragged his sleepy body to the kitchen, where she was obviously in bad temper. “Why are you yelling for woman?” he said remorsefully, hoping not to be hearing one of those endless talks once more. Too late.

“Why am I yelling? Why am I yelling?” she screamed, echoing her bitchy voice right through his ears. “I am going to yell as much as I want to, for you are a selfish useless kind of a man. I regret every damn day I keep living in this house” Hell, no! She started all over with this shit! “Of course, you are not to blame. It’s my fault. Only mine, but you see, I had no sense then in my glorious days what life would turn out to be with you. No, not a clue! Fool! I wasted my youth, the very best of my years taking care of you and of this hovel we call home”

“Aren’t you bored already with this stuff?” he murmured, but she kept talking… loudly!

“Bored? I’m sick and tired of this life, of you! Watching you come and go to a meaningless job, playing mister obedient, not having the nerve to go and ask for a raise, for a better position, pushing those keyboards all day long and be proud of it! Bored? Sure I’m bored as I’m tired alright washing and cleaning and cooking and ironing”

He was really full of this talking which he was obliged to bear every single day for over twenty years now. Twenty years? Was it so long? He turned around wondering how quickly time flies and headed to the bedroom. While he was getting dressed, he could still hear the yelling from the other room. What an irritating voice this woman has! He took his hat and slammed the door behind him without saying a single word.

He soon was at the bus station, waiting among other people for the bus to come. Everybody was silent, although they met each other every morning. He guessed they had their own worries, so he remained quiet, too. After a while, he got in the bus and found a vacant seat next to the window. He thought maybe this was his lucky day after all, since he liked staring outside, but rarely had he the opportunity of sitting there.

Absorbed in his thoughts, he almost missed his station. He jumped off the bus the very last moment before the closing of the doors and he sighed in relief to find out that he was five minutes earlier at work this time. For his new boss had been clear enough the other day, that if he kept coming late, he would soon be shown the exit. It was the first time out of twenty five consecutive years of working at the firm that he felt kind of unsafe. The old boss had retired and left his son in charge of everything, but this young fellow was… well… playing the boss without having the slightest clue of running a business. A plain jerk! That’s what he was, but no one had the nerve to spit it out. Neither did he.

He entered the office looking down, because he didn’t want to get stuck in one of those trifling conversations with any of his colleagues. Now on he had to be extra careful with his moves, because the big eye was upon him. He could almost feel it everywhere. He sat on his desk, turned on his computer and started to update the clients’ database. Another tech improvement the new boss had brought in with him. Modern machines, brand new software, experts, websites, online ads, evaluations and meetings were some of the new generation changes that according to him had to be done long ago.

And what was wrong about pens and papers? Alright, maybe they did make the place look messy and all, having piles of papers and files on one’s desk, but they were trustworthy and efficient, too. He stared at the screen for a while lost in his memories and thoughts and not until the phone rang did he regain his consciousness with the environment.

“Yes, sir. I’m on my way, sir” he said, as being on the alert and felt a cold fever come upon his forehead. His boss wanted to see him immediately at his office. Bad sign. Very bad indeed, because he never called him before and his voice… hell, it signified the urgency of this meeting. He stood up, head down and directed upstairs with an unprecedented panic.

He hesitated a little to knock the door, but he eventually did it. He was trembling inside like a fish out of water, while approaching the young man, who could well might have been his son given his age. He nodded indifferently to have a seat before him and then asked him “How long do you work here?”

“Twenty five years, sir” he said proudly.

“And you do what?” continued the young man. Was he serious? He didn’t know that?

“I’m in the clients’ department, sir. I update the database with new information, sir” he replied steadily voiced, not to show his stress.

“I see and how you manage with computing, may I ask?” said the young man with a bit of irony in his words.

“I do my best, sir” and that was way too sincere, since he was trying hard with those devils. He’d even attended some intense computing courses to figure out their operation.

“Well, I believe you. I truly do, but…” he paused a little and continued “…there is a problem on the matter. You see, your working pace seems to be slowing down the other employees…” There! He said it! Oh, boy! What now? “…and this I’m afraid can’t be ignored. Having other sections to depend on you is rather… risky for the efficiency and credibility of the whole company…” Shit! He was in big trouble, that’s for sure. “…so…” Here it comes! The sentence. Oh, God! “…we’ve decided that you must be removed.”

“And go where, sir?” he managed to utter in despair and sort of naively.

“That’s your decision. Of course, you will get your monthly payment normally and the compensation the law defines. I’m sorry, but you see…” he kept talking, saying how sorry he was, that he could provide him with a recommendation letter or even say a word to a friend that owned a warehouse somewhere close and blah blah blah…

The man only stared at this hypocrite who pretended to be caring all of a sudden, but he had only one thing on his mind. How am I going to tell my wife I was canned? How will I bear her yelling over this? And then? Having her all day long in my ears until I get another job and what job would that be, considering my age? Shit! He was so doomed!

Wait a minute! What if… and there he hit him, this vicious idea. His demons occupied him instantly and it took just a tiny moment to change it all. Really, time could be both enemy and ally. He grabbed the stapler that tempted his eyes all along his boss’ cold and careless talking and boom! Right on his forehead, his bloody stupid head. “Here! Talk now you arrogant jerk!” he said and then calmer than ever before called the police.


  1. Avatar
    Jul 28, 2010

    Wow powerful and original. Good luck with your writing!

    • fotini
      Jul 29, 2010

      Thank you very much!

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