The Stake Out

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It was a quiet autumn afternoon, a little moody, but just fitting to a wild place like New Orleans. At least that’s what she thought and she had many reasons to form such an opinion. She was going back and forth sitting on an old wooden rocking chair which creaked in every single move. The air smelled like dust and she thought that it was going to rain soon. She didn’t mind raining as long as she had nowhere to go. In fact she liked watching the raindrops pouring down the desert streets, cleaning the bloody freaking place.

She went inside, put on her military uniform and checked her armor. It was about time she took on her duty and went out patrolling. Maybe it was her lucky night tonight. Maybe the rain would force the Creature to show up and she could finally kill it. The darkness was falling quickly, so she hurried and run to hide at her usual stake out point. It was an abandoned farmhouse at the end of the town with plain view to the swamp, where the creatures had found refuge. Night after night she came here, waiting for their master, the Big Bad, the Creature, but she hadn’t seen it yet.

Suddenly, she observed a movement in the weeds. “They are awake” she murmured and held steadily the gun pointing to that direction. The misty atmosphere was blurring her vision, but she was a pro in shooting and most of all she was determined to get rid of these troubles once and for good. “Come on” she shouted impatiently and they started coming out of the fog screaming and thirsty for blood. “One, two, three…” she counted the corpses while shooting madly at them.

However, they seemed to be numerous and since she was fighting alone, she inevitably missed a few. One of them escaped her bullets and managed to reach her from behind, but before grabbing her with its fierce claws, it dropped dead. She turned around and surprisingly saw a man pointing at her with his gun.

“Who the hell are you?” she said furiously.
“Apparently your savior” he replied, while kicking the creature to be sure that it was dead.
“And who said I need to be saved?”
“You’re welcome” said the man, while taking a shooting position next to her.
“What are you doing?”
“I am helping you out”
“Like I said, I need no help”
“Yes, you do”
“No I don’t”
“Have you seen the big bad guy yet?”
“Have you?”
“Yeap! See these scars?” he opened his shirt and showed his chest.

She had seen many wounds. She had a few scars too, but this? It was incredible! Yet, she didn’t want to show any fear, so she just asked: “What is it like?”

“Wait and see” he replied indifferently.
“Alright, stay, but with one condition. I’m in charge here”
“Aye, aye, captain”
They started shooting again towards the swamp and the screams eventually ceased.
“Are they dead?” she whispered.
“Sssh” he uttered, while looking around with a sparkle in his eyes. “Shoot!” he finally cried.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. There it was! The Creature! Hell, it was huge and awful! Its tremendous roar echoed all over the swamp and made the water shake and the ground tremble. She let all her rage to come upon the Creature, which seemed to be though invulnerable and unstoppable. While it kept approaching them, she ordered him: “Run for your life!”

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