Immortal World

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He was an ordinary man of contemporary world, living in a crowded city, breathing polluted air, making use of technological gadgets, hard working, socializing with superficial people, eating junk food, watching senseless reality shows and boring soap operas. He never felt dissatisfied or miserable within his narrow framed life. Instead, he enjoyed being part of all these, having opinion on various issues, excelling among his mediocre peers. He wasn’t much of an adventurer or traveler, having the belief that experience is the result of knowledge and whatever he wished to know was simply a case of clicking on web pages.

One day, perhaps the first in his lifetime, he thought of taking a ride to the countryside. The weather was nice and he felt the need to escape from everything. He took his fancy car that he had finally paid off and left the city. After a long drive on the mountains, he decided to make a few minutes stop to stretch his numb body. He walked to the edge of a cliff and took a deep breath. His lungs were filled with fresh air, a feeling that surprised him pleasantly. He then looked at the panoramic view of the landscape: Abandoned fields, burnt forests, a lake drying up…

He sat down on a rock mechanically, as if his legs couldn’t bear his load anymore. He kept looking at that beautiful lake mirroring the white tops of bare mountains and he almost got jealous of its peaceful state. His mind was confused, his body was tired and the initial need of escaping was now even more profound.

Suddenly, he figured it out. It wasn’t the noise, the gas fumes, the stultification of work and entertainment or the non organic food that bothered him the most. It was the very hand of man that intervened to everything well made in order to change it for the worse. He nodded with certainty, as if he had just solved a universal riddle.

He felt sad for the abandoned fields and the burnt forests, but it was too late for them. He turned to the drying lake. After a long contemplation of its unavoidable destiny, he came up with an idea. He got his cell phone out of the pocket and took a photo. The lake was now imprisoned in a small frame, made by multiple pixels, able to be seen with only a few clicks by anyone, anywhere, any time.

“Welcome to my immortal world”, he said proudly.

Acts Of Love

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Here I am again, sinking into my cozy couch, thinking of you and the incredible things I’ve done for your sake. You don’t seem to be very happy though and I do wonder, don’t you remember anything at all? So many acts of love either tiny everyday moments of affection or monumental proofs of my feelings.

I’ve used every drop of my inspirational deposit to be romantic and sensitive. I’ve cooked you dinner under the candle light, I’ve brought you breakfast in bed, I’ve sent you flowers, I’ve proposed you underwater putting the ring in a shell, I’ve travelled with you around the world to places of indescribable beauty, I’ve danced the waltz with you on a dock while sunset, I’ve chased you along the sea shore, I’ve written our names on the golden sand with a broken tree branch, I’ve screamed “I love you” over a mountain’s cliff, I’ve sailed with you freely to the open sea… You name a romantic act of love, I have surely done it!

I was courageous and decisive to have you by my side and I’ve never considered any obstacle on my way. Beyond our many differences, I was convinced that you were my soul mate, my alter ego, my destiny, so I’ve divorced my wife, I’ve estranged my friends, I’ve quarreled with our families, I’ve lost my job, I’ve opposed to the law and all kinds of authority, I’ve even confronted God… I was decisive alright.

My love for you brought me numerous times in unpleasant situations, when I had to strive for our lives. I’ve been entangled with the dregs of society, drug dealers, pimps, professional killers, thieves, gamblers and mafia itself. I have been caught, beaten and tortured, I’ve begged for mercy, I’ve sneaked out, I’ve even killed people… Just to save you.

In order to protect you from being harmed, I’ve been far away to wars fighting against a visual enemy and here squashing terrorism. I’ve travelled to the space to prevent the Earth’s total destruction by an upcoming comet, I’ve figured out solutions to survive under a physical disaster, I’ve even cloned you to double have you… Yet, you are not satisfied.

What else do you want from me? Don’t you think I’ve already done enough? Frankly, after all this action and romance, I feel exhausted. I think I’d better lie down a bit. Why don’t you join me? Oh… and remember to turn off the TV set this time, before you come to bed.

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