Emma: Back in the 50s

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Emma was 10 years old, the eldest child of a poor twelve-member family, when she was obliged to hard work. Soon enough she realized two things: First that assembled people were equal to increased prospects and second that she had to offer a product in need. She walked from fair to fair holding a basket full of beautiful purple lilies which she had picked up by herself, hoping that some fine gentlemen would want to offer them to their beloved ladies. Night after night she returned home with empty pockets, realizing just another thing: there was no gentleness in life.

At the age of 11, Emma was helping her uncle to sell refreshments down on the beach. In order to get there on time she had to take the short way crossing an active mine-field. Determination was stronger than fear, so that every morning she was there on the sand selling cool sodas. And she was doing fine until that one unbearably hot day she got thirsty. Her uncle, catching her drinking a soda, went mad, scolded and beat her up for stealing. Emma’s begging for forgiveness didn’t go in vain, for she learnt another thing: there was no mercy.

The winter was harsh and 15 years old Emma was walking against the snow dragging a big bag, heading to the military camp to deliver the soldier’s laundry. In sight of her frozen image, one soldier opened the gate and helped her get inside releasing her burden off her shoulders. Then he gently took off her torn out coat in order to dry it. Just when Emma considered him as a fine gentleman, he started touching her violently all over. Struggling for release, she managed to grab his gun and replied to his begging for mercy with a fatal shot.

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