A Minute Story

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Two men are sitting on the ground against a brick wall looking at the sky.

“I’d like to be a bird. Not any kind of bird, though. I’d like to be an eagle. Yeah! A big proud eagle! The king of the blue skies! I’d spread my wings and fly away.”

“Nah, you wouldn’t be happy with that. You would be lonely.”

“Is loneliness a bad thing? You have absolute freedom to do what you want. Never account for anything, neither apologize nor argue.”

“People are not made to be alone.”

“I don’t think they are made to be together, neither.”

“Well, it depends.”

“On what?”

“Whether they are mend to be together or not.”

“Mend? What is this? A kind of fate?”

“I mean, everyone has a match in life.”

“People come in pairs? What are they? Shoes?”

“I guess you could say so, metaphorically of course.”

“Oh, come on! Spare me, will you?”

“No, consider this: Men are left shoes, women right shoes or vice versa. Now, every shoe differs in size, shape, color etc. If you get the wrong match, it’s very difficult to walk, isn’t it? But if you find the appropriate one, you can walk all the way without any trouble.”

“Unless it is a pair of heels!”

“You! I’m talking seriously, here!”

“No kidding! Listen to yourself!”

“What I want to say is that we all need love and companionship. Where should we search for them is the only question.”

“Nah, I’d rather be an eagle. Look at the sky! How beautiful and peaceful it would be up there! Imagine flying and flying away…”

“You would be lonely.”

“Who cares? I would be free!”

A prison serene echoes around and the two men rise to their feet lazily.

Back in Life

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What can I recall?
The question’s tough
But most of all
It brings no laugh.
I can recall the light;
A blinding one,
Like when losing sight
Looking at the sun.
Then, I recall walking
Along a corridor
And hearing some talking
Behind a closed door.
I knocked three times
To get reply none
But endless cries
And prayers alone.
Silently I entered
And before me I saw
A figure white-feathered
Surrounded by glow.
I can’t recall the face
Neither the gender
Nor the age
Of this heavenly sender.
But I recall that
Just blowing my heart
Sent me back.

A Glimpse of Happiness

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A glimpse of happiness by definition doesn’t last, yet it can change your life for ever. Some people never take that glimpse, asking constantly for more; more love, more passion, more understanding, more money, more recognition, more time… What the soul needs more is indeed a matter to be solved individually.

A glimpse of happiness resembles a short vision which reveals the truth about one’s life; a truth that is daily suppressed under desire, greed and despair. It’s like being instantly more conscious of your consciousness or getting up from a sleepy routine, where everything is done mechanically day after day without anything to really ever change.

There are moments, lasting for just a couple of seconds, that you can actually understand how the whole world around you functions. You can realize your smallness and vulnerability in the vast eternal universe. You can consciously admire nature, as the creation of God, because such a perfect complexity could not have been made by chance or mere evolution. Sometimes you can even sense your own purpose in life.

There are moments, when you can wholeheartedly appreciate your life, your health, your family, your home, your job. You look at your beloved’s eyes and feel so suddenly obliged to express your affection and gratitude. You can listen to hope and aspiration bouncing deeply in your heart and consider yourself capable of achieving great things.

There are moments you are actually happy with what you’ve got, no more, no less. Stick to them as much as you can, appreciate and enjoy them to the maximum, for they won’t last too long. A glimpse of happiness is by definition just a glimpse.

A Dreamy Dance

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I danced with her last night
Among the stars up in the sky
Under the pale moonlight
We danced and sang and fly.
It was a dreamy dance
Without music in the air
I can still smell the fragrance
Of her loose long hair.
She was delicate and fair
Like a princess in a ballroom
Like an ancient goddess heir
With an everlasting doom.
Cursed to be always alone
Only seen through drink and drug
My dear imagination come
Let’s dance and sing and hug.
“Not any more” said she
Walking away decisively
And then suddenly
The nurse awakened me.

My Baby Boy

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In my arms I hold
My newborn baby boy,
On my cheek I feel
Pouring tears of great joy
And a happiness untold.
Look! How innocent he is,
How fragile and small
And without any doubt
He’s the prettiest of all!
My baby boy I kiss.
Will his mouth tell
Always the truth and right?
Will his little hands
Give a justice fight?
Will his mind ever excel?
Watching his sad eyes
I feel guilt and regret;
What I’ll always owe him
How can I forget?
Such a burden in disguise.
Yet, as I see his smile,
I am alive.

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