Lost Dreams

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When dreams turn into nightmares,
Starlight ceases to brighten the sky,
The sun gives place to snow flakes,
Angels fall and can not fly.
And I, who called you thousand times,
My sun, my angel, my starlight,
I count again my thousand crimes
Being echoed in the night.
And you, my sweetest bitterness,
Who called me love and sunshine,
You found a flare of happiness
Within a dark design.
Farewell my angel and my sun,
My starlight and my dream;
Hence I, a lonely blind man,
I’ll live without a beam.


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I’m naked, vulnerable to injuries of this darkness. I won’t stay long. Everything seems menacing to me. I’m shaking. I’m cold. I’m terrified. Standing aimlessly in the middle of nowhere, what I can really sense is pure FEAR. Insecure of my abilities, my destiny and my own self, I’m wandering into the wilderness alone.

I can’t see much, for my vision in the dark is not yet well trained, but I can hear the howling approaching me from afar. I can sense the ground moving, while crawling creatures surround me, waiting patiently for a wrong move of mine. I can’t trust anybody, not even myself. SUSPICION is what I’m on now.

Am I going to be ever free? Is there any hope left? Escaping this wilderness is not an aim any more. Habits are stronger than desires and dreams. They make you forget everything in a tactful manner that seems so natural and innocent. DOUBT has become my best friend for a considerable time now. Where am I going? Where have I begun?

I’m not sure about anything and it’s getting too frustrating. Living without a meaning is not what I’ve thought of my life, and in a second thought, breathing and moving around mechanically is not a living at all. So, what’s the point in existing? For as I occupy space in this place, I am an existing entity, as much a dog or a tree or a car is. However, all the other entities serve a cause. What’s mine? See? It’s getting worse. DESPAIR came along.

Maybe I’m not made for this darkness. Maybe a brighter environment suits me better. I can’t recall though how it was like, being in the light. Was it good and peaceful? Was there any hope, value or meaning? It should be, since every notion of this world has its counterpart, its opposite term. If I have ever been there, in the light, or how can I return, I am unable to remember. However, I come to believe that I must search for this light once again, for it is my only SALVATION, the only way out of this wilderness.

For You

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Come and sit next to me
let the wind blow your hair
tonight you look so fair
under the moon, beside the sea.

Have a glass of wine with me
don’t you mind if you get dizzy
to catch and hug you is so easy
as to hold you for eternity.

Listen to the sounds of sea
tonight silence has meaning
my soul to yours is leaning
just asking for relief.

Stay all night here with me
my body is cold and needs you
desiring more than to be true
in your arms to be.

I dare not to ask you
to love me as I truly do
but it would be an honor
to spend my life for you.

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