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She looked around with wonder. Everything seemed brand new to her. The strange light, the shadows on the walls, the sounds, the odors… It is true that she felt a kind of discomfort in this place, where the only pleasant or should she say safe thing was the face of this woman, who was always smiling at her with endless tenderness and care. And when she first held her in her loving arms, she needed nowhere else to be, nothing else to pursue. But now she was all alone staring at these strange figures that were hanging upon her in a spinning magic dance accompanied by little sounds that made her feel sleepy regardless her desire to stay firm and investigate the surroundings. Her eyes flinched a little at the sight of a small flying creature that was approaching her with great speed only to sit on her soft cheek with a violent landing that hurt much indeed. Her eyes started immediately to blur and a sort of warm fluid poured down on her cheeks. She cried loudly in want of the woman, who was to come and relieve her from this sudden pain. The woman entered with an incomprehensible but soothing talk, took her in her arms and patted her on the back softly, a gesture that felt always good for some reason. And then, she saw something striking that drew her attention so much that stopped her crying instantly. She reached her little hand towards another person, who also stressed a hand to achieve the contact, but the distance between them was prohibitive. She stressed herself harder this time, and the loving woman, who was carrying her, turned around to see what the effort was all about, and consented to this contact by smiling and moving her a step closer. The touch was slow and cold and too weird. Who is this person and how is it possible to be carried by the same woman? She thought in extreme puzzle.

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