Love Rainbow

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– The rain is over. The sky is clear!
– A rainbow has come out.
– Beautiful, isn’t it, dear?
– Indeed, without a doubt.
– What does the rainbow mean to you?
– Reading the colors right through;
Red is our passion, Orange your juicy lips, Yellow your blonde hair, Green your pretty eyes, Blue your ocean of love.
– I am afraid there is one more…
– And Purple for the funeral.
– A funeral? Who died then?
– Our morning argument.

The Battle Of Words

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One little black line flashes on the white sheet;
It is the heart beat of a startling thing.
Does it await my vivid imagination to spring
From immobility to its combative feet?
The monotonous drumming of the line
Jangles on my ears insufferably loud,
Insufferably annoying it is also its shine;
Blinds my vision that always made me proud.
I wish I could turn this noise into a lullaby,
This blinding shine into comforting deem light,
For sure my senses need to rest a while
Before they throw themselves into a new fight.
A battle of words, of meanings, of purpose
The flashing line persistently declares
But I have to wait for winning the toss
My inspiration ally to sally forth.
Till then my fellow soldiers I lay down my arms
Or if you prefer another literary end
My dear Ernest quoting I cry “Farewell to arms”!

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