Old Bonnie & Clyde still active!

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Bank robbery has been surpassed, since most people’s bank accounts have bottomed out due to the international financial crisis. Where is the money? Well, being at Christmas threshold, it must be in the consumers’ pocket. That’s a possible string of thought for Mrs. and Mr. Brown, the old couple from Detroit that was arrested last night with the charges of committing fraud and robbery.

Kate Brown, 78, dressed in black, pretended to mourn the sudden death of her husband, Bob Brown, 82, who in his own turn played the dead on his wheel chair. This daily performance was taking place at White Street, close to Halliday’s Mall, a crowded place especially during Christmas season. The unsuspicious victims, who run to help them, caught by surprise were deceived, attacked and robbed.

The police had been watching the two partners for some time, gathering evidence, and taking photos. The case was assigned to detective MacClaine, who caught the frauds in the act. Yesterday, at 6 pm, he came out of his car, which was parked for stake out reasons opposite to the Halliday’s Mall, and handcuffed the couple, while they were trying to rob a fifteen years old girl at the dark alley nearby.

“Mr. Brown was standing on his feet alright and Mrs. Brown was the most cheerful widow I have ever seen”, stated detective McClane in his report. During the press conference, Harry Bogomill, the chief of Detroit’s police department, noted that this was the third fraud case in the last month. So, next time you meet a beggar or a stranger in distress, be careful… things are not always the way they seem to be!

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