In Your Arms

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You were crying in pain and joy

When we first met

You hugged me awkwardly gently

Not to damage my fragile body

The warmest smile was formed

Upon your sweated reddish face

I didn’t bother to open my eyes

-I knew it was there by instinct-

I sucked you hard and greedily

Whenever I wanted to

You were always there smiling

I waked you up a thousand times

Just to see your smile again

As if I would miss it

As if I could miss my eternal refuge,

The only place I feel secure and calm;

In your arms

Estranged Comfort

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We used to feel absolutely comfortable

On our old single mattress of our youth.

It was the world to us;

Our boat of endless love and dreams

That travelled us miles away

To discover new territories

Of our limits and fancies

While satisfying our basic instincts

With animalistic politeness.

We never felt strangers

Never grinned or yelled at each other

Neither did we cry – except

For moments of pure happiness.

Oh, I miss those days!

Our good past days of youth,

Of fun, of laughter…

I miss our ordinary single bed

Every time I lay my mind down

On this brand new king size bed

Of splitting intimacy into two opposing sides.

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