Damaged Eye

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They claim that the Eye works in reverse.
Does this hold with my damaged I too?
I wonder.
What if I cannot see how the world looks like
But I do see how it really is?
If the I-s around me can see what I cannot
Do they also see what my Eye does?
For long I have been living in the darkness
Like a creature of the night misunderstood,
Scorned for my funny look,
Pitied for my supported walk,
Admired for my determination…
In any way, exceptional among the other I-s
My mind’s Eye could easily look into yours.
What if I had no mirrors to furnish my wall,
No reflection to capture my own I
Or any color to match with yours,
I could always see your beauty.
Now they say I will soon be able
To look at people’s Eyes
And perhaps they will look back at me.
Yet, I care for just one pair of I-s.
I have this blinding fear growing
All the way towards the light;
Fixing on each other’s Eyes
Are we to see the same reflection?

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